2023 Croydon Honey Show

Croydon Beekeeping Honey Show

The Croydon Honey Show is our annual celebration of bees and beekeeping and will be held this year on Saturday 16th September 11:00am-4pm at The Selsdon Community Centre (in the Sainsbury’s building), 132 Addington Road, Selsdon, CR2 8LA.

The Selsdon Centre at Sainsburys, Selsdon
The Selsdon Community Centre

There is ample parking available in the Sainsbury’s car park and on Old Farleigh Road. The following bus routes serve Selsdon: 64, 357, 359, 409, 412, 433, 612, 654 & 685.

All are welcome

Visitors will be made very welcome, there’s no entrance charge – come and look at produce of the hive, see live bees in our observation hive, have a go at rolling a candle, enter our children’s colouring competition, learn about bees, and eat cake. We can’t promise as it is a natural product subject to seasonal availability but there should be local real honey and hive products available to buy at the show.

Honey Show competition

Another important part of the show for our members is entry into the various classes in the competition. We also have a number of classes in the Food & Drink and the Arts & Crafts category that anyone can enter. This year’s judge is Honey Show Judge Claire O’Brien.

The classes are as follows:

Jars of honey for judging at the Croydon Honey Show
  1. Two 1lb jars of Light Honey.
  2. Two 1lb jars of Medium Honey.
  3. Two 1lb jars of Dark Honey.
  4. Two 1lb jars of Set Honey (Crystallised or Creamed).
  5. Two 1lb jars of Chunk Honey.
  6. Novice Class. One 1lb jar of clear honey, light, medium or dark, or one 1lb jar of crystallised honey, natural or creamed.
  7. Six matching jars of identical honey labelled as for sale. Rules 5 & 7 do not apply.
Frames of honey comb at The Croydon Honey Show
  1. Two similar containers of Cut Comb – each approximately 8ozs.
  2. One Comb of honey suitable for extraction.
  3. Heaviest Frame. A shallow BS frame, weight is the only criterion. Note that the winning frame may be marked so that it cannot be used in the following year. Showcases are not required.
Beeswax products at the Croydon Beekeepers Honey Show
  1. One cake of Beeswax weighing between 7ozs and 9ozs.
  2. Six 1oz/28g blocks of Beeswax matching in all respects.
  3. One pair of Beeswax Candles – dipped. One candle will be lit by the judge.
  4. One pair of Beeswax Candles – rolled. One candle will be lit by the judge.
  5. One pair of Beeswax Candles – moulded. One candle will be lit by the judge.

(Non-members may enter classes 16 to 30)

Food and Drink

The Food and Drink classes are open to all, not just members. We would love to see entries from younger members of the public too.

  1. Lemon Honey Cake. Recipe: 170g butter, 60g caster sugar, 140g honey, 3 large eggs, 225g self-raising flour, grated rind of a lemon, juice of half a lemon. Method: Cream butter, sugar and honey. Mix in lemon rind, beat eggs lightly and gradually add to the mixture. Stir in lemon juice. Fold in sieved flour, transfer to a greased and based line 900g (2lb) loaf tin. Bake for 1hr – 1hr 10 mins at 160C.
  2. Six Honey Biscuits. Six small honey biscuits, matching in all respects (not in paper cases). Ingredients and method to be submitted.
  3. Honey Sweets or Chocolates. 200-250g. Recipe must be provided.
  4. Honey Jam/Preserve. One 1lb jar. Made with any recipe but using honey as a major sweetening ingredient. Recipe must be provided with exhibit.
  5. One 75cl bottle of Mead or honey based wine – dry.
  6. One 75cl bottle of Mead or honey based wine – sweet.
  7. Honey beer or braggot, two bottles, minimum 330ml.
Art and Crafts

The Art and Crafts classes are also open to all, not just members. Again, we would love to see entries from younger members of the public, preparing an exhibit is a great activity to pass some time in the holidays.

Photographs on display for judging at The Croydon Honey Show
  1. Handicrafts. Any craft or art work related to beekeeping. Must be exhibitor’s own work.
  2. Greetings Card. Design for a Mother’s/Father’s Day card for a beekeeper.
  3. Honey Jar Label. A design, either your own or photographic, for the Hartley Down Apiary honey jar label. The winning entry will be used on the following year’s jars. See Rule 15.
  4. General Interest Display. Anything which is unusual, original, novel or of general interest to do with beekeeping.
  5. Photography. Must be exhibitor’s own work and related to beekeeping but not a close- up.
  6. Photography. Colour print, close-up or macro, must be exhibitor’s own work and related to beekeeping.
Junior Beekeepers

The Junior classes are for any beekeeper or group under the age of 18 to enter. New for 2023 is the Craft category.

  1. Junior Honey Class. One 1lb jar of clear honey, light, medium or dark, or one 1lb jar of crystallised honey, natural or creamed.
  2. Junior Craft. Any artistic, decorative or instructive exhibit, relating to bees and beekeeping. A written explanation of the exhibit is permitted. Age of the entrant must be included on the entry form. Dimensions not to exceed 600mm x 600mm.

For non-members wishing to enter the Food & Drink and/or the Art & Crafts classes, please get your exhibits to the show as early as possible. There is a 50p fee for each entry. Judging takes place from 10.30am onwards so your entry must be in before then.


8.15 to 10.00am      Staging – hand your labelled entries to a steward as early as possible between these times.

10.30 to 1.15pm      Judging – members are invited to be present but must not ask the Judge or his Steward any questions or engage them in conversation unless invited to do so.

11.00am                   Public admitted – members of the public are welcome to attend.

3.00pm                     Presentation of Cups and Awards.

Exhibits and displays are to be removed by 4.00pm.

Cups and Awards

The D J Campbell Cup will be awarded to the Croydon Member gaining most points in Classes 1 to 10.

The Kirkup Memorial Cup for the SBKA member gaining most points in Classes 1 to 10 other than the winner of the D J Campbell Cup.

The N T Haines Cup will be awarded to the Croydon Member who is a novice (one who has never won first, second or third in a honey class in a honey show) gaining most points in Class 6.

The Mike Szilagyi Bursary (£10) awarded to the entrant who gains most points in the “Six for Sale” class.

The Collett Cup awarded for the best frame for extraction.

The Ellen Coates Memorial Plate for the best Honey Cake (Class 16).

The Blue Ribbon or Certificate of Merit, depending on the number of entries, for the Best Exhibit in Show.


1. All exhibitors for Classes 1-15 must be members of the British Beekeepers Association whose subscriptions for the current year have been paid. Non-members may enter Classes 16 to 30.

2. Entries should be made on the form provided and must reach the Show Secretary at least seven days before the date of the Show. Exhibitors may make more than one entry in a class but no exhibitor may take more than one prize in any one class. Late entries and alterations may be accepted up to 9.30am on the day of the Show.

3. The entrance fee in all classes is 50p per exhibit.

4. A Novice (Class 6) is an exhibitor who has never won a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize in a Honey Class in a Honey Show.

5. Labels are to be fixed as follows:

  • on bottles and jars, 12mm from the bottom;
  • on cut comb containers, one on the transparent lid with a duplicate on the front vertical face of the container;
  • on the frames for extraction, one at the top righthand corner of the transparent face of the showcase with a duplicate on the frame.

Apart from the labels supplied by the Show Secretary, no means of identification may be placed on, or attached to, any exhibit, with the exception of Class 7.

6. All honey and wax products must be made by the exhibitor or be from their own, or their family’s bees.

7. Extracted honey must be exhibited in clear 1lb squat round jars of British Standard pattern with standard lacquered lids with either seals or wadding, except in class 7.

8. Clear honey will be graded according to the British Standards Institution grading glasses and a set will be available on application to the Steward between 8.15am and 9.45am on the day of the Show.

9. Cut Comb must be displayed in standard 225g/8oz plastic containers with transparent lids.

10. Combs for extraction are to be shown in cases glazed on both sides. The comb must be easily removable from the case.

11. Creamed honey (Class 4) is crystallised honey which is warmed and agitated by using a hand creamer or skewer in an electric drill.

12. Chunk honey is filled comb placed in a standard jar and topped up with clear honey, ensuring no air bubbles remain.

13. Mead or honey wine must be exhibited in plain, colourless glass round-section shouldered bottles with punt or half punt of approximately 1/6 gallon (75cl) capacity without ornament or added lettering of any kind and with flanged stoppers. It must have been made without sugar, but herbs or spices may be used if desired. No alcohol may be added.

14. Heaviest frames in Class 10 will be judged on weight only.

15. Honey Jar Label. A design for a label not exceeding A4 in size, to fit a standard 1lb jar when reduced. The label should state ‘Hartley Down Honey’ and consideration should be taken of Food Information Regulations 2014 labelling which will need to be added if your design is used. The design may use a graphic (e.g. drawn or designed) or a photographic image. It must not have been entered previously in a Croydon Divisional Honey Show.

16. Junior classes are open to individuals who are below the age of 18 on the day of the show.

17. If any class has less than four entries actually shown it may, at the discretion of the Show Secretary, be amalgamated with another class before judging.

18. The Judge’s decision on the placing of exhibits shall be final and at his/her discretion prizes may be withheld.

19. Points will be awarded as follows: 1st place – 10, 2nd – 7, 3rd – 4, Very Highly Commended – 3, HC – 2 , C – l point.

20. Entrants in Classes 16 to 22 (Food and Drink) may sample the relevant winning entries subject to the consent of the winning exhibitor.

21. Any objection or dispute must be made before 2.45pm and shall be settled by the committee whose decision shall be final.

22. The decision of the committee on any matter whatsoever, under or in relation to the foregoing rules and regulations, or on any protest or objection in relation thereto or to any exhibit, shall be final and conclusive.