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Introduction: The Asian hornet is not native to the UK but was accidentally introduced, likely through imported goods such as plants or wood. Its presence was first confirmed in 2016.

Invasive Species Status: The Asian hornet is considered an invasive species in the UK. It poses a significant threat to local ecosystems and biodiversity due to its predatory behavior, particularly targeting honeybees and other pollinators.

Predation on Honeybees: Asian hornets are known for preying on honeybees, capturing them in flight and at hive entrances. This predation can lead to the weakening and eventual destruction of honeybee colonies.

Public Awareness and Reporting: In response to the Asian hornet invasion, public awareness campaigns were launched to educate people about identifying and reporting sightings of the hornets. Citizens are encouraged to report any potential sightings to local authorities or beekeeping organizations and report to non native species secretariat in first instance the Asian Hornet App (see below).

Nest Eradication: Specialised teams have been trained to locate and eradicate Asian hornet nests. Early detection and removal of nests are essential to preventing their establishment and spread.

Legislation and Monitoring: The UK government implemented measures to control the spread of Asian hornets, including stricter regulations on the import of certain goods that could carry the hornets. Ongoing monitoring efforts are in place to track the spread and population dynamics of the hornets.

There are some great Asian Hornet resources on the BBKA website.

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