Welcome to Croydon Beekeepers’ Association, a Division of Surrey Beekeepers’ Association, founded 1879.

We are one of the oldest Divisions in Surrey with a long and interesting history. We are proud that in November 2013 honey from our apiary was awarded a first place in one of the categories at the National Honey Show. Visit About us to learn more about our heritage and what we do.

Are you interested in bees and beekeeping?

Bees are fascinating creatures that evolved over 100 million years ago and the highly developed communication systems of our present day honey bee and colonies will amaze you.

If you would like to learn more, you may wish to arrange a visit to one of our apiaries where you will be warmly welcomed by local beekeepers and shown the bees and the hives where the honey, honeycomb and beeswax are made. We also invite you to come to our annual Honey Show held in September, follow the link for further details.

How can you support us?

As a registered charity that is run by volunteers, we rely on donations and welcome all contributions to our work. If you would like to support us you can make a donation to help us maintain our teaching apiary and other education work. Or why not consider becoming a member or friend of Croydon Beekeepers Association? See the ‘Become a member’ pages for further information or email info@croydonbeekeepers.org.uk.

For information about our programme of events throughout the year, please see listings on the Events page.

Are you thinking of becoming a beekeeper?

The craft of beekeeping is a satisfying and rewarding hobby. Not just for the honey but the discovery of how these amazing creatures live and behave is truly fascinating. We offer beginners’ training courses in several formats, from Zoom meetings to face-to-face training sessions in the ‘classroom’ and at our association’s apiaries. Our courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to become a beekeeper, with opportunities to handle bees and perform bee-related tasks so you can get an idea if beekeeping is for you. Becoming a Friend of the Association allows you to participate in all of our beginner training (there is a further small fee for the full 8 week Beginners Course), further details are on the ‘Become a member‘ page.